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As we get older, get married and start a family, our priorities change and our schedules become packed with many good things. Unfortunately, the great opportunities that our marriage and kids bring often come at the expense of our own health and well-being.

As you focus on serving those you love, it’s easy to lose sight of how vital it is that you take care of yourself. That’s when the extra pounds start to pile on and bring their friends tired and stressed along for the ride.

It’s time to take your life back, look and feel fantastic, and be the spouse and parent you and your family deserve. Thrive90 Fitness was designed specifically to take you by the hand and lead you to the best shape of your life while keeping your family first – guaranteed!

Follow this proven “step-by-step” program in the comfort of your own home for only 15-30 minutes per day and immediately start to enjoy:Satisfaction Guaranteed - Burst Badge Blue

  • Renewed energy that will put the bounce back in your step all day long
  • Watching stubborn flab melt away and be replaced with lean, toned muscle
  • A re-energized sex life that will make newlyweds envious
  • Self confidence that will make you radiate at home, work & in the bedroom
  • Mental clarity that will keep you focused all day

[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]You Have Fitness Problems…
Thrive90 Is Your Guaranteed Fitness Solution

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No time for exercise?

TimeThrive90 will never take more than 30 minutes, many workouts are less than 20 minutes, and your entire transformation will take place within the comfort of your own home.

Feel guilty about skipping workouts?

No GuiltThrive90 is designed so you feel immediate results and build enthusiasm with a wide variety of fun, fast exercises that change as you continue to get more fit, slim and strong.

Gym memberships too expensive?

MoneyThrive90 is experienced completely within the comfort of your home so you don’t need a babysitter or an expensive gym membership. You can set the perfect example for your kids as you lose weight and enjoy a fit lifestyle right before their eyes.

No time for yourself?

BadgeThrive90 will guide you step-by-step as you burn fat and add the lean muscle you need to be strong, sexy and full of energy. When you follow this program, you will meet your fitness goals while attending to the demands of your busy family life. Guaranteed.

Don’t think your spouse will support you?

Check This Out - Hand Drawn BlueThrive90 will even help you become closer to your husband or wife and improve your sexual intimacy. The program is designed so busy couples can workout together, but even if you prefer to exercise separately, your vibrant self confidence and reinvigorated energy levels will surely improve your marriage both inside the bedroom and out.[/content_box_paper_white]
[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Why Thrive90 Will Work For You[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

The Thrive90 Fitness Program was designed specifically to get killer results while fitting within the demands of a super-busy marriage and family life.

Thrive90 Fitness isn’t like other programs you’ve tried – it’s designed specifically for you and your hectic life:

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueEVERY workout is 30 minutes or less and many are less than 20 minutes!

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueEVERY workout can be done in your home without the need to drive to, tolerate or pay for a gym!

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueThis program was designed to be fun & effective for both Men & Women, and it is an awesome way for a busy couple to workout TOGETHER!

  • It includes simple nutritional guidelines that you can actually follow in your daily life.
  • It provides 12 full weeks of workouts that are broken into three distinct phases to keep things fun, interesting & effective.
  • It combines a great variety of Core, Strength, Circuit, Interval, Cardio & even Power Yoga workouts.
  • It includes a total of FIFTEEN full-length workouts plus numerous bonus workouts that are arranged as a step-by-step, take-you-by-the-hand system.
  • It comes with all the tools, guidance and support you need to get results fast & keep it up.

It’s time to care for your own health. It’s time to have the sexy body, powerful self-confidence & bursting energy that you deserve. And it’s time to do it in a way that let’s you be with your family & support your spouse as you live a healthy, happy lifestyle together.
[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get
When You Order Today
Thrive90 - Video Based Fitness on YOUR Terms

When you invest in Thrive90 Fitness, you’ll get instant access to everything you need to get super fit:

Arrow - Hand Drawn Blue15 high-definition, full-length exercise videos hosted by Tony & Dustin in our homes & local parks…so you can follow along with no intimidation & get in shape fast

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueThree phases of workouts with a wide variety of exercises that you can do solo or with your spouse…so you can make working out a fun & effective way to connect

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueThrive90 Nutrition Guide that gives you the simple, effective guidance you need to eat well…so you can make good, easy-to-follow choices with your food

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueAccess to The Thrive90 Community – a private Facebook group for members where you can get the support, community and accountability you need to meet your goals

And there’s much, much more – you’ll have every tool you need to get into the best shape of your life no matter how busy your schedule may be. These powerful resources are provided to maximize your results and ensure that this is the time you (set and) accomplish your fitness goals.

  • Access to both on-screen playback (streaming) and downloadable files for every workout…so you can take your workouts with you wherever you go – or choose the DVD option and get physical DVDs shipped to your front door
  • 12 full weeks of workouts that are easy to follow but keep your body guessing & improving…so you stay motivated & reach your goals
  • Workout calendar to plan your success…so you know what to expect every step of the way
  • Exercise Action Worksheets for every workout…so you have the flexibility to skip the video and exercise on your terms
  • Thrive90 Fitness Test…so you can track your progress & celebrate your achievements
  • SMART Goal-Setting Checklist to help you set your goals & meet them
  • Weekly Coaching Emails… so you will stay motivated & informed to reach your fitness goals fast!

Together, this complete system of exercise, nutrition, motivation and time management tools will lead you to the success you desire. By using this proven plan, you can rest assured that you are on the right path, and you’ll feel the positive impact on your energy levels and self confidence immediately.

Follow this step-by-step plan for just 90 days and experience the power that fitness brings to your entire life. We guarantee you’ll love it!

Bonus Burst Badge Blue

For a limited time, we are including some amazing bonus materials. These five bonuses build upon the Thrive90 Fitness system and serve to maximize your results by taking the guesswork out of busy, healthy eating and exercising for quick fat loss!

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueBonus #1 – 8 Minute Power Workout for Lower Body & Core ($20 value)

You simply will not believe what can be achieved in 8 minutes when you follow this power-packed workout! If you are a more advanced user, you may wish to add an 8-minute Power Workout to the end of the day’s regular exercise. For beginners or those that are REALLY short on time, an 8-minute session can replace a standard Thrive90 workout from time-to-time.

However you choose to use these bonus workouts, you’ll be building the body you want in just 8 minutes!

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueBonus #2 – 8 Minute Power Workout for Upper Body & Core ($20 value)

And we didn’t forget about your lower body either. Depending on your focus and the needs of your body, you can work on the problem areas where you really want to accelerate your results!

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueBonus #3 – THREE 4-Minute Metabolism Booster Workouts ($30 value)

If you are looking to truly crank up your fat burning furnace, you’ll love these Metabolism Boosters. Just add one of these super-short and very intense 4-minute sessions to your day at least 4 hours before or after your regular Thrive90 workout.

These supplemental Boosters will increase your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-melting machine!

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueBonus #4 – Family Fitness Cookbook featuring 40+ quick & healthy recipes for you to share with your family ($20 value)

This one-of-a-kind cookbook contains over 40 fast, healthy and delicious recipes that your busy family will love!

With contributions from six busy (and fit) parents, we cover everything from breakfast to dessert and break down exactly how to prepare each easy and nutritious dish, so you can spend less time cooking and more time enjoying your meals with your spouse and kids.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueBonus #5 – Motivational Seminar with world famous Motivation & Achievement expert Tom Terwilliger ($30 value)

This in-depth interview with former Mr. America Tom Terwilliger will show you exactly how to set the right goals and actually achieve them!  If you put Tom’s strategies into practice, you’ll unlock your potential and finally form the healthy habits you desire for yourself and your family.

Powerful Thrive90 Bonus Resources!
[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Choose the Best Package for You
& Get Started Today!

Thrive90 Digital Thrive90 Digital
Plus DVDs
Thrive90 Phase I Digital Workout Videos check check
Thrive90 Phase II Digital Workout Videos check check
Thrive90 Phase III Digital Workout Videos check check
Thrive90 Nutrition Guide check check
Full Workout Calendar check check
Exercise Action Worksheets check check
Thrive90 Fitness Test check check
Thrive90 SMART Goals Worksheet check check
Weekly Coaching Emails check check
The Thrive90 Community check check
BONUS – Motivation & Goal Setting Seminar
with Mr. America Tom Terwilliger
check check
BONUS – Family Fitness Cookbook
Featuring 40+ Awesome Recipes
check check
BONUS – 8 Minute Power Workout for
Lower Body & Core
check check
BONUS – 8 Minute Power Workout for
Upper Body & Core
check check
BONUS – THREE 4-Minute Metabolism
Booster Workouts
check check
DVDs Shipped to You!

When you choose the DVD option, you will
receive all of the instant, powerful benefits
of the digital Thrive90 program PLUS we
will ship a physical 6-disc DVD set right to
your front door.

Just put that day’s workout into your DVD
player, computer or portable device and
follow along as you get into the best shape
of your busy life!
cross check
Get Started Now! $47
Digital Version!
plus FREE shipping!

[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

Go ahead and try the program for yourself for 60 days. If you aren’t happy with it, just send us an email and we’ll promptly refund your entire purchase price, no questions asked.

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Blue

This is a 100% money-back guarantee. It’s as simple as that.

[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]There is absolutely no risk to
put Thrive90 to the test for yourself!
How the order process works:

1. Click the “Add to Cart” button above for the plan that best meets your needs.

2. You will be transferred to a secure checkout page on Clickbank where you can use any major credit or debit card or PayPal.

3. After you submit your payment information, you’ll be sent your log-in information and a link in your email. When you click the link and log in, you’ll be in your member’s home page where you’ll have access to all of the materials you purchased. If you choose the DVD option, we’ll ship those to you within 5-7 business days.

4. You will receive one additional email asking you to “confirm your addition to the Thrive90 Fitness owner’s list.” You’ll want to click on the link in that email so that we may contact you with future updates, extra bonus materials, etc.

That’s it – you’ll be INSTANTLY ready to enjoy your Thrive90 Fitness program and bonus materials!

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[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Got Questions? Here Are Your Answers[/headline_georgia_large_centered]
How do I know if this is the right program for me?

This program is designed specifically for busy couples and on-the-go parents who are short on time yet recognize the power of being fit and healthy. If this sounds like you, Thrive90 Fitness is likely the solution you’ve been waiting for.

The easiest way to know if Thrive90 is right for you is to TRY IT! With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we encourage you to pick it up and give it a try for up to 60 days. We know you’ll love it, but if not, just send us an email to requesting a refund and PRESTO, we’ll promptly send your money back to you. No problem, no hassle.

What equipment is required for Thrive90 Fitness?

The only required equipment is a set of resistance bands OR adjustable dumbbells. Resistance bands are widely available for around $15, and they are perfect for Thrive90 strength routines. If you’re looking to go heavier, a set of adjustable dumbbells is a great choice that doesn’t take up much space. We’ll show you how to use either option in the videos.

While not required, an exercise mat (like a Yoga mat) is also recommended for your comfort. That’s it…no fancy equipment is needed to get in the best shape of your life with this program!

How much space is required to do the workouts?

You only need a clear area about 7 feet by 7 feet in size (just a little bigger than you need to lay down on your floor). Most Thrive90 owners enjoy their workouts in their living rooms, basements or garages with the occasional foray to a local park with (or without) their kids as an added bonus.

How long is the program?

The program is 12 weeks in length (or approximately 90 days). Individual workouts vary in length from 12 minutes to just under 30 minutes, including warm-up and cool-down periods.

What if I am a total beginner/advanced athlete and my spouse is at a different level…can we exercise together?

From the start of the program, our focus is on accommodating those of varying fitness levels whether they are working out alone or with a partner. A video is included specifically addressing how to accomplish this in your situation, and every workout includes modifications to make the exercises more or less challenging so anyone can enjoy the intensity they need to maximize results.

Also, if you choose a package that includes the bonus Metabolism Boosters or 8-Minute Power Workouts, you’ll have maximum flexibility to meet your varying needs. For example, an advanced athlete may choose to add a 4-minute or even an 8-minute workout at the end of their session for an additional challenge.

How long will I have access to the program and bonuses?

For life! While the program is 90 days in length, many participants like to go through several times, increasing their intensity and strength with each round.

While you’re encouraged to download all of the videos and other materials to use at your convenience, you may also log-in and access your content at any time. Your membership to Thrive90 doesn’t expire!

Will you be shipping DVDs to my house?

This depends on which option you choose.  If you purchase the “Digital” package, then you will not receive any physical DVDs.  If you choose “Thrive90 + DVDs” then we’ll ship DVDs to your house, and you can expect them to arrive within 5-7 business days.

With either option, you’ll have instant digital access to the full Thrive90 Fitness system. Immediately after your purchase, you’ll log-in to a secure members area where all of your materials will be waiting for you to enjoy.

Not only does this give you instant access, but you’ll automatically receive all future updates to the program for FREE within your members area. And you don’t have to worry about scratched DVDs since you’ll always have a digital version available (We’re looking at you, parents of small children).

What if my internet connection is too slow to stream the exercise videos?

If you have problems streaming the videos, we highly recommend you download them to your computer to play at your convenience. In fact, we recommend this for everyone as it ensures maximum performance and doesn’t give you an excuse to miss your workout if you have any issues with your internet connection!

Of course, if you choose the “Thrive90 + DVDs” option, you can just watch the workouts on your home’s DVD player.

Seriously, if I want a refund, you won’t give me the run-around?

No run-around and no hard feelings, we promise.

We are 100% confident that you’ll love Thrive90 Fitness and want to tell all your friends about the incredible value you received when you purchased it. We believe this so strongly that we take all the risk and offer you a full, money-back guarantee for 60 days after your purchase.

If you buy Thrive90 and don’t like it for any reason, just shoot us an email to (or reply to one of our coaching emails) and we’ll refund your purchase price promptly. And we’ll still be your friends.

Thrive90 Digital Thrive90 Digital
Plus DVDs
Get Started Now! $47
Digital Version!
plus FREE shipping!

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[content_box_light_blue width=”85%”]Ryan & Melissa Peduzzi – South Carolina

“Thrive90 is a wonderful program that gets you and your spouse moving towards your fitness goals in a flash. The workouts are fun, quick (less than 30 minutes each!), and convenient, as they can be done in the comforts of your home. No need for the gym membership anymore, which saved us lots of money and lots of time!

Best of all, the program works – we saw an improvement in strength and stamina at each milestone. We had fun working out together and the competitive spirit we brought pushed each of us harder.

Tony & Dustin were a great encouragement along the way as well, pushing us on and genuinely desiring to see us succeed. All levels of fitness would do great with this program, as they offer ideas and suggestions to make the moves more difficult or basic, depending on your needs. For the couple that wants to get fit, together- this is the program for you!”

[content_box_light_blue width=”85%”]Jamie Buse – Abilene, Texas

90-Day Results:

– Lost 18 pounds
– Shed 5 inches from her hips
– Increased her push-ups (upper body strength) from 4 to 15
– Increased her plank hold (core strength) from 25 seconds to 120 seconds

“Wow is all I can say! This program has blessed my life in so many ways!

My marriage and family have benefited from this program because I have had a huge increase in my energy level and overall self image. I feel better than I have in 4+ years and am proud of the accomplishments that I have achieved.

This program is for real people who live real lives. I totally dig the fact that in 15-30 minutes a day (and good eating habits) I was able to make the progress that I made in 12 weeks. I also LOVED that each Phase brought totally different videos, so just when one might have started to get a bit old, we were done with it and on to something new!

My journey isn’t over, but this program has given me an excellent jump start and has helped me understand that fitness can be a part of my life without consuming tons of time!

I love so many of the awesome features that Thrive90 has to offer and I can honestly say that I would recommend it to anyone.”[/content_box_light_blue]
[content_box_light_blue width=”85%”]Shawna and Bruce Cevraini – Edmonton, Alberta

“We had both been doing our own thing and not spending very much time together. We knew that needed to change, and then Thrive90 came along!

The biggest benefit of Thrive90 for us was the quality time we’ve spent together. It started conversations about our goals, our bodies, what we liked, didn’t like. We laughed and giggled with each other, and we were having fun trying something new together. We encouraged each other in our goals and our efforts, and it was amazing how much it affected our communication.

Then, the other big thing…it definitely, DEFINITELY improved our libido! We were surprised at that! We have more energy, are more “in tune” with our bodies and our intimacy is much improved.

We can’t thank you both enough for “turning us on” to this program. It’s fun, it’s great for two people to do together, and your support has been invaluable. We’ve both raved about Thrive90 to all our friends and are anxious to share your program with them!”

[content_box_light_blue width=”85%”]Peter Wingard – Huntsville, Alabama

“Thank you so much for putting together Fit Marriage and the Thrive90 program. It is a great program, especially for a busy couple that wants a program that they can do together. I have to admit that I was scared of the Power Yoga at first, but after trying it out, it became one of my favorite sessions.

Thanks guys!”

[content_box_light_blue width=”85%”]Nina Nelson – Culver, Oregon

“The Thrive90 program helped me ease into exercise without being overwhelming. I loved how it gradually got more intense. There is plenty of variety so that I didn’t feel bored with doing the same thing over and over. And best of all, it got my husband and I to have lots of fun working out together – a feat in itself.

I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to get stronger, lose weight and build intimacy with their spouse.


90-Day Results:

– Lost 13 pounds
– Increased her push-ups (upper body strength) from 4 to 30
– Increased her plank hold (core strength) from 27 seconds to 98 seconds

P.S. – My butt is starting to look really good in my running pants. Thank You!”

[content_box_light_blue width=”85%”]Kent & Jennifer Wineinger – Stafford, Virginia

“When we were dating and first married, we would walk and run together as well as swim and play tennis in our free time. However, as careers and family became a bigger part of our lives, the time we had to commit to recreational intimacy was minimized.

Thrive90 reminded us how important it is for us to work out together and to push each other to get fit and healthy. Thrive90 got us moving again. We feel better and understand how important it is to spend time together.

We are so glad that the time we spend together with Thrive90 is spent in pursuit of fitness and intimacy in our marriage. We’ll be doing the program again and recommending it to our friends!”

90-Day Results:

– Kent increased his push-ups (upper body strength) from 14 to 35
– Kent increased his plank hold (core strength) from 48 seconds to 130 seconds
– Jennifer increased her push-ups (upper body strength) from 5 to 19
– Jennifer increased her plank hold (core strength) from 40 seconds to 135 seconds[/content_box_light_blue]
[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Get Started Today![/headline_georgia_large_centered]

Thrive90 Digital Thrive90 Digital
Plus DVDs
Get Started Now! $47
Digital Version
plus FREE shipping!

Don't Wait - Burst Badge Blue

You know how easy it is to put all of those other “important” tasks ahead of your own well-being. Make today the day you invest in YOU!

Let us take you by hand and lead you to the best shape of your married life. You’ll feel fantastic immediately after beginning your plan, and in just 90 days, you’ll be slim, toned and full of boundless energy.

But to get there, you must take the first step. Choose the Thrive90 Fitness package that best meets your needs, and we’ll be there to get you started right away. We love nothing more than helping busy married couples and individuals make fitness happen in their life, and we will do the same for you.

And don’t forget – your investment is 100% guaranteed. You can try Thrive90 for 60 days completely risk-free. If you don’t enjoy it for any reason, we’ll give you your money back. But you won’t begin to realize your potential, and the power of being a fit leader for your family, until you give it a try.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (858) 876-5348 or email us at – we’d love to chat with you and set you up for success.

We believe in you,

NOTE: The Thrive90 Fitness Program is delivered in digital format via Web Videos and Instantly Downloadable MOV and PDF files. No physical products will be shipped UNLESS you choose the “Thrive90 + DVD” option. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire program and all the bonuses onto your computer. The downloadable workout videos are in MOV (Quick Time) format, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. The worksheets, calendar, fitness test, nutrition guide, goal setting sheets and other written materials are Adobe Acrobat PDFs, which can also be viewed on Mac or PC.
Please also note that every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. However, please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her personal health history, starting condition, training history, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any program, there is no certain guarantee that you will achieve specific results.

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